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Firefighting among best work-life balance jobs

Firefighters often have a flexible work schedule, good salary and co-workers become a second family

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is no easy task. Glassdoor, which compiles data about workplaces, released a list of the top highly rated jobs for work-life balance. The results are based on employee feedback over the past year, according to the report.

Ratings were based on a five-point scale, with 1 representing dissatisfied, 3 representing OK and 5 meaning very satisfied.

Firefighting took the ninth spot with a work-life balance rating of 4.1. Curious to see what other jobs made the list? Check them out below.

  1. Data scientist: Received a 4.4. rating. In the survey, about 74 percent of employees say the business will get better, while 5 percent believe it will get worse.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist: Received a 4.3 rating. About 75 percent of employees believe the business will get better, while 11 percent say it will get worse.
  3. Tour guide: Received a 4.3 rating. Employees say the job allows them to interact with people from around the world and you learn a lot about customer service.
  4. Lifeguard: Received 4.3 rating. Approximately 33 percent say the sector will get better and 0 percent think it will get worse.
  5. Social media manager: Received 4.3 rating. A positive 76 percent think the field will improve and 10 percent believe it will get worse.
  6. Group fitness instructor: Received a 4.2 rating. Working at a gym includes a flexible schedule and free membership to work out. About 43 percent believe the profession will improve and 13 percent say it will get worse.
  7. User experience designer: Received a 4.2 rating. As for business outlook, 60 percent say it will get better while 15 percent think it will get worse. Employees say there are plenty of people to learn from and they can continually advance in their career.
  8. Corporate communications: Received a 4.1 rating; Fifty-six percent think the profession will get better, while a low 6 percent think it will get worse.
  9. Firefighter: Received a 4.1 rating. Firefighters say they enjoy their flexible work schedules, have a good salary and are grateful that their co-workers become their second family.
  10. Equity trader: Received a 4.0 rating. Employees say the compensation is outstanding and everyone they work with is highly intelligent. They also mentioned that leadership encourages innovation.

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