Firefighters call bomb squad after discovering 'fake' bomb is real

Given to a family by a grandfather, the device was thought to be a replica, but was a live military practice bomb

By Anna Burgess
The Enterprise

WHITMAN, Mass. — A local man cleaning out his parents' garage on Saturday made an explosive discovery – a live military practice bomb.

Whitman firefighters called in the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad midday on Saturday, to safely detonate a bomb that one local family thought was a replica.

The bomb, given to the family by a grandfather, turned out to be extremely real.

"The family knew about this bomb in their garage," explained Whitman Fire Lt. Al Cunningham, "but the parents thought it was a fake, and kept it as a souvenir."

When their adult son was cleaning out the garage on Saturday morning, he took a closer look at the heavy, metal object, and thought it might not be fake after all.

He called Whitman firefighters, who headed to the family's home on School Street.

The bomb "looked to be the real thing," Cunningham said, so police and firefighters closed down the street and waited for the state bomb squad to arrive.

After an X-ray by the bomb squad determined the family keepsake to be a training bomb with explosives inside it, the squad transported it to the Whitman Department of Public Works yard to detonate in a pile of dirt.

Whitman firefighters posted on social media before the detonation, warning residents that they would hear a 'boom' and should not be alarmed.

Cunningham said he was relieved the situation ended safely, and glad the School Street resident had called to double check the so-called "fake" bomb.

"That was the right thing to do," Cunningham said.

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Resident found this old training bomb in their garage, MSP Bomb Squad detonating shortly as a precaution, you will hear a loud boom across Town, nothing to be concerned about.

‎Posted by Whitman Fire / Rescue on‎ שבת 15 יולי 2017

Detonated successfully

‎Posted by Whitman Fire / Rescue on‎ שבת 15 יולי 2017


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