Firefighter shot at 30 times after making wrong turn

"I felt the whole car shaking and I was like ‘Wow, I might die tonight,’" Joseph Echema said

By FireRescue1 Staff

OAKLAND, Calif. — A driving mistake almost cost a firefighter his life Wednesday night after someone opened fire on him.

KTVU reported that firefighter Joseph Echema drove down the wrong street while talking on his cellphone. He pulled over and the gunshots began.

"I felt the whole car shaking and I was like ‘Wow, I might die tonight,’" Echema said.

Echema said around 30 shots were fired, with 18 bullets hitting his car. He added that the bullet that shattered his back window appears to have traveled through the car to the front window, and might have hit him if he had not been lying down.

"I heard so many rounds going off and the power of the bullets that were hitting my car. I just thought it was going to be relentless and I wasn't going to make it out," he said.

When the gunfire stopped, Echema said he made a run for it and saw the shooter.

"I saw him there and it looked like he was trying to reload or do something.  But he wasn't running away so I thought round two was coming," Echema said.

Echema got back in his car and drove to a nearby fire station, where he was treated for a bullet graze.

The firefighter added that the neighborhood he was in is not known for violent incidents.

“I have friends and a girlfriend living there for two years,” Echema said. “It's a diverse community and never really had any problems or seen any problems before.”

The incident is currently under investigation.



My story for tonight at 11 On NBC Bay Area. A Bay Area Firefighter shot at more than 30 times. He lives to talk about it and he has a message ....

Posted by Cheryl Hurd on Thursday, January 25, 2018


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