Why your footprint is so important

What is a footprint? Webster's Dictionary defines it as a "marked effect or impression that is left."

This is what you have established since the day you were born. It has grown as you have grown. It defines you, it follows you, and it's hard to change once formed. It makes each of us unique and it has a lasting impact on those around us. It is consistent, even if you are not. You can try and change it, but it takes a long time to erase the first one.

Your footprint is what sets you apart from others. It is what you want to share with the interview panel at every opportunity. Be proud of it if it is deserving, strive to change it if it is not.

Continue to add experience, education and your passion to it so that it becomes firmly planted and the impression becomes like concrete.
Objectively look at your footprint and be honest about what you see. It can be like looking into a mirror that also shows your past.

Learn to talk about your footprint, be prepared to tell the assessors how hard you worked to develop it. Tell them how it defines who you are, inspires others, and developed you into the perfect candidate for the fire service, as well as how it will continue to deepen throughout your career.
In other words, your footprint is who you are, who you will be remembered as, and how others see you.

Your assessors probably don't know much about you, it is your job to tell them who you are. Tell them about your footprint, it's been with you your whole life and it defines who you are.

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