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Air Vacuum Corp.
6 Faraday Drive
Dover, NH 3821
Phone: 800/540-7264
Fax: 603/743-3111

Air Vacuum Corp.'s dedicated team has made it a priority to protect first responders worldwide with AIRVAC 911®, our custom designed, hose-free and attachment-free engine exhaust removal system. Automatically remove hazardous diesel carcinogens and contaminants from your station with our fully automatic system. No building modifications and no outside exhausting. The AIRVAC 911® system meets the NFPA 1500, OSHA, IBOCA, EPA and GSA Standards. Free proposals and Fire Act grant assistance available. Air Vac has been the innovator and setting the standards within the exhaust-removal industry for more than a decade, let us help you too.

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The AIRVAC 911® units are self-contained and suspended from the ceiling which insures they do not interfere with daily activities. All units are wired into a watertight NEMA 4 box UL 508 certified "Smart Timer" control panel which automatically activates & shuts down upon every call. Once activated the system runs for a preset time, generally 15–20 minutes, removing harmful gases and particulates automatically without interfering with daily operations. The AIRVAC 911® System addresses the complete apparatus bay areas 24/7/365.

Download the Air Vacuum Corp. Fact Sheet

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