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ESI Equipment, Inc.

ESI Equipment, Inc.
119 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Phone: 1-800-574-8228

ESI Equipment's Apparatus Division designs, fabricates, and builds fully transferable, specialized caps that fit any domestic pickup Truck bed for the fire service, EMS providers, and police departments. These Units are equipped with many unique, purpose-built features that will reduce each company's vehicle operating costs while enhancing their response capabilities. Housing everything needed for immediate rescue capability, or any customer-specific capability, in one easily transferable cap that will outlive the life of multiple pick-up trucks, these unit serve as a more economical and efficient respond to motor vehicle crashes.

First responders typically engage ESI Equipment when they are struggling to find a highly effective, cost-efficient way to respond to calls while dealing with less manpower & smaller budgets.


The top 10 Reasons Customers invest in ESI Rapid Response Units (RRUs):

  1. Our customers tell us because of the transferability of our units they have a lower cost of ownership & better response times while increasing the versatility of their fleet
  2. Our customers tell us they can respond to 80% of their calls with an ESI Rapid Response Unit, saving wear & tear on the much more expensive apparatus such as Ladders, Engines & heavy rescues
  3. Use of an RRU on mutual aid calls for manpower keeps their Engines & Ladder trucks available in a department’s home district
  4. Pickup truck-based driver training is much easier than traditional apparatus
  5. The design of the RRU makes separating contaminated PPE & personnel easy
  6. In comparison with an SUV response unit, the equipment is completely separated from the crew operating the unit which protects them from injury in the event of an accident
  7. Unlike an SUV response unit, the RRU is fully transferable to a different make and model truck, saving the cost & time of redesign at time of replacement of the vehicle
  8. Have the RRU body on a pickup truck bed will gives them superior payload for equipment & personnel than that of an SUV
  9. With the RRU’s larger storage area, especially compared to that of an SUV or traditional ARE/Leer Cap, there’s no long a need to store equipment in the backseat preventing a loss of personnel carrying capacity
  10. With the Apparatus Divisions design team, it’s possible to create the perfect mission-built design to efficiently carry the tools & equipment needed for your specific mission

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