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International Rescue Instructors Association

International Rescue Instructors Association
Unit 9 – 45905 Yale Road
Chilliwack, CA V2P 8E6
Phone: 778-549-0326

The IRIA is a Standards, Certification and Accreditation body based on the objective IRIA Risk Management Matrix®. The purpose of the IRIA is to provide stakeholders with an unbiased system of international standards based on fact and experience. These objective facts (proven truths) are determined and defined through ongoing, international, evidence based, indepth, gap analysis of actual incidents /accidents and of proven successful protocols, as outlined in the IRIA Risk Management Matrix®. The IRIA supports all accepted standards and regulatory bodies. The IRIA Standards are designed both as a stand alone system and also to be able to adapt and work within other accepted standards to further enhance their meaning and application. It is inclusive and open to any committed person or organization who agrees to its simple protocols of membership.

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