FEMA warns of impending 'zombie apocalypse'

Agency is using the threat of zombies to encourage better disaster management and preparedness

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is asking the public to start preparing for a zombie apocalypse in an effort to encourage better preparedness for real disasters.

With Halloween coming up, FEMA hosted an online seminar for its Citizen Corps organization to assist emergency planners in preparing their communities for possible disasters, according to the Associated Press.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention launched a social media campaign incorporating zombie attacks last year to encourage disaster preparation also.

The government agencies recommend that for any emergency, involving zombies or not, that people have an evacuation plan, a change of clothes, fresh water, extra medication and emergency flashlights.

In the same vein as the popular 2009 zombie movie "Zombieland," some government suggestions followed closely with the film's 33 rules for dealing with a zombie apocalypse, including carrying a change of underwear and always knowing an escape route.

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