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Domestic Violence

Joseph Washington is suspected to be seen in a video walking out of the burning house
Florence police officers responded to a domestic violence call that turned into a barricade situation
A domestic disturbance in Forsyth County escalated into shots fired and a set fire
Treasure Hennessy had been given permission to use the Fort Mitchell fire station as a safe house to hide from Bradley Wayne Stokes
Understand the different types of trafficking, the visual and behavioral cues to watch for, and what actions to take if you suspect trafficking
The firefighter was arrested, and police sources said he has an arrest history pre-dating his employment with the department
A police chief, a police lieutenant and a firefighter worked together to get the family to safety
Evansville Fire Department Division Chief Mike Larson said the community loses out when firefighters are forced to be more cautious due to threat of violence
The woman, reportedly Chapel Hill Fire Inspector Larry “Donnie” Donnell Morrisey’s ex-fiancée, was found dead with her daughter at a separate scene
Boston Firefighter Michael Ricci, 51, a 23-year department veteran, was found with multiple stab wounds at his home on Thursday
EMS systems may experience and respond to behavioral health, substance abuse and domestic violence situations as social isolation impacts public health
Join me in the abyss where I remember trying to save an 11-year-old boy – with his killer standing near
The woman called Firefighter Peter Hartnett “an angel” at his recognition ceremony this week
The incident evolved so quickly that firefighters at the station were not able to do anything to help
Kevin M. Howard, Jr., 31, a 12-year firefighter veteran, is charged with first-degree misdemeanor domestic violence against a 2-month-old child