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There’s no reason to freak out about Ebola and other deadly diseases, but there is every reason to take all the precautions available
There are new developments in PPE for Ebola-like viruses and efforts to make firefighting PPE standards more accessible
As with any emergency operations strategy, flexibility and adaptability are essential for an effective response
The mishmash of untested PPE available is not proven to guard against Ebola; here’s how to get the best available PPE
The former aid to Vice President Biden will oversee the Ebola efforts in both the U.S. and West Africa
Officials instructed all personnel to use more vague terms when discussing the deadly disease
Firefighter Kelly Melton will leave for Sierra Leone next week to provide medical supplies and treat the sick
A fleet of vehicles from the fire department and other agencies arrived shortly before noon Friday
The responders and the ambulance were isolated after the transport; they’ve been sent home but will be monitored for 21 days