2 FDNY EMTs hurt after 2nd first responder assault in recent days

An EMT was knocked unconscious and another suffered broken ribs just a few days after another violent incident on a call

By News Staff

NEW YORK — Two FDNY EMTs were hurt after being attacked by a man while they treated a patient on the sidewalk just days after another EMS crew was assaulted while on a call.

NY Daily News reported that EMTs were treating a patient who was sprawled on a sidewalk while another crew was trying to calm an emotional man nearby.

In a video captured by a witness, the man can be seen lashing out at one of the EMTs, who then fell on the ground.

The man then tried to flee, but was tackled by the EMS crew.

One EMT was knocked unconscious and another suffered fractured ribs as a result of the incident.

The incident came just days after another EMS crew was confronted by an angry man with a knife after responding to a call.

The crew called police for help as they struggled to keep the man under control.

The man tried to enter the ambulance, and an EMS lieutenant who told him to exit was struck in the face by the man and another family member, according to FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer.

Three EMS providers were injured in the incident.

“We call on all our city officials for more funds to EMS for extensive defensive training, conflict resolution training, protective equipment and any additional resources to keep our workers safe,” Local 2507 head Oren Barzilay said. “No one should go to work with the fear in mind that today might be the day they get hurt — or worse.”

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