2 firefighters killed in house fire, 1 only 16 years old

Authorities want to know why the young firefighter was given a dangerous task on his first firefighting call

Duty Death: Yann Simeoni - [Dignes-Les-Bains, France]

DIGNES-LES-BAINS, France — A probe has been launched after a 16-year-old volunteer firefighter was killed fighting a house fire over the weekend.

Firefighter Yann Simeoni, along with a 35-year-old comrade died Saturday, officials saying that they were likely overcome by a backdraft, according to France 24.

Authorities have launched an inquiry into the two deaths, namely questioning why such a young volunteer was tasked with battling such a dangerous fire for his first call. It was Firefighter Simeoni's first weekend on duty.

Fire chiefs say that they were following protocol and that Firefighter Simeoni was one of 50 deployed to fight the blaze.

"The regulations say that anyone aged 16 can be recruited. Yann was undertaking three years of training and was under the guidance of an experience firefighter," Colonel Thierry Cadet told Europe 1 radio.

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