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Video: Buckingham Palace model burns to the ground

Nearly 2,000 people watched the 96-foot effigy of the palace burn for charity

Huffington Post

WESTMINSTER, England — A 96-foot effigy of Buckingham Palace burned to the ground this weekend, courtesy of a UK man named Edward Heath. But don't worry, there's no need to alert Scotland Yard. The impressive pyrotechnic show was put on with a seal of approval from the Queen herself, reports the Daily Mail. The event was planned as a charity bonfire, not as a fiery political statement.

Heath, who happens to share the same name as a former British Prime Minister, torched his 96-foot wide model of the palace after spending nearly five months fashioning the intricate replica from 1,000 wooden panels. The mini Buckingham featured the famous gates, a version of the balcony where Prince William and Kate Middleton shared there first married kiss, and even a tiny Union Flag to complete the piece.

The structure was set aflame to a crowd of nearly 2,000 observers this past Sunday at the Royal Oak pub in Dilhorne, Staffs, transforming from model home to embers in about an hour and a half. Commenting on the flaming performance, Heath stated to the Daily Mail, "It was absolutely brilliant, the crowd was just massive, the nice weather must have brought them all out. Everything went perfectly."

Full story: Edward Heath's 96 Foot Model Of Buckingham Palace Burns To The Ground For Charity

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