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Firefighters use non-dept. excavator to battle fire

The owners of the excavator now say damage costs are not their responsibilty

by Lynnanne Nguyen

LECLAIRE, Iowa — Can your personal property be used to fight a fire, even without your permission? That is a question being asked as a local business is dealing with this right now.

In August G&H Construction was doing a job in LeClaire, breaking down an old barn. Afterwards, the homeowner tried to burn the debris from the job in a dug up hole in the ground, but there was a burn ban in place so the fire department came to put it out, taking control of the construction company's $300,000 excavator on site to dig up dirt and extinguish the fire.

Afterwards, there was $14,000 worth of damage. So who's responsible for it? It depends on who you ask.

Full story: Fire Department Uses Excavator To Fight Fire

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