Burning car victim highlights brown-out dangers

Although the man was just a block away from a firehouse, it was closed due to a city-ordered brown-out

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A man's rescue from a burning car was delayed because of a city ordered brown-out, which shutdown the closest fire station.

A 53-year-old man was trapped in a burning car, and even though the closest fire station was just a block away, firefighters were still delayed in arriving because that station had been closed due to a brown-out, according to LEX 18.

Police can be heard in the dispatch audio repeatedly telling firefighters to hurry as the blaze was fast-moving and fire extinguishers were becoming less effective.

Good Samaritans and officers at the scene say the man was very lucky the fire occurred near a nursing home that had a large stock of fire extinguishers, otherwise, he would have burned to death before firefighters arrived.

Because of the brown-out it took firefighters seven minutes to arrive at the scene.

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