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Readers' 10 most memorable calls in 2012

Whether sad, funny or heroic, poignant or just ridiculous, we've all had some memorable calls this year. They are the ones we'll talk about in the dayroom for years to come. Below are some of most memorable calls submitted by our readers. Feel free to add your own.

"Working structure fire, the night Sandy came through. Surreal is the best way to describe fighting fires during a hurricane! The attic became a wind-fed blast furnace that glowed bright red all around with each gust. Jets of flames seared through holes in the siding and roof. Aiming streams 10 feet to the left to account for the wind; it was a hell of a call." — Allen Baltzer

"Thirty-two-year-old coded; didn't save him. We are the same age." — Meri B. Kassner

"Reported to a call for a child choking on marble, which turned out to be my nephew with serious head and neck trauma. Put him in the ambulance then rode the life flight because he is 2 and my sister was over an hour away. Still working on rehab but he is doing amazing." — Tyler Elo

"Responding to my best friends DOA. He hit a tree head on. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat with multiple back injuries and his brother in the back seat broke both legs when the truck bent in half. He is truly missed." — Allison Prewitt

"The night hurricane Sandy hit; we had 6 working fires and flooding waters chest high." — Jimmy McGibbon

"Last winter some kids were walking on a maintenance platform hanging under a bridge crossing a river that had iced over. One person slipped and fell about 100 feet and survived. We used high-angle recue from top of bridge to extract the person from thin ice." — David F. J. LaFrance

"Lady calling wanting us to get her bird out of tree. Really?" — James Wright

"Saving a dog that was trap in a structure fire." — Andy Meyer

"A motor vehicle collision with a young man trapped. Had to do 3 1/2 hours of extraction to free him. Then three months later having him come walking in and thanking you for saving his life." — Peter Hamilton

"My last call. I never thought I would resign as a firefighter. One of the hardest thing I've every done in my life." — Daniel Brkic

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