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Popular metal roofs in rural areas a danger to firefighters

Masked with asphalt shingles, firefighters often don't know they have metal roof until they are on it

By Al Vaughters

WESTFIELD, N.Y. — Metal roofs are becoming more popular with rural homes, but they could pose a dangerous firefighting hazard.

Volunteer firefighters in Westfield were just the latest first responders hampered by a metal roof. The first problem: they didn't know they were dealing with a tin roof until they actually were on top of it, which lead to a few anxious moments.

Westfield Fire Chief Steve Pacanowski says the home on Cottage Street had a metal roof that was installed over layers of asphalt shingles. The roof held the heat in, leading to a close call for firefighters inside.

Full story: Metal roofs can be firefighting hazard

Metal roofs can be firefighting hazard

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