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Often truth in jest

FireRescue1's April Fool's story wouldn't have surprised any of us if it actually was true

When I first saw the title of FireRescue1's article on Friday, "Mayor wants to ban term 'firefighter,'" like many of you, I wasn't really surprised.

Despite the April 1st byline, it seemed entirely possible, given the "tenor of the times."

While it quickly became apparent that this story was an April Fools' Day joke, the fact that it wouldn't have surprised any of us if it were true is worth considering.

As my mother used to say, "there's often truth in jest."

Like it or not, the way firefighters are perceived by citizens, elected officials, city/county managers, and the media is vitally important to achieving our mission.

We are generally fortunate to have the trust and confidence of the public, but sometimes our behaviors make it difficult to retain that critical bond.

So after having a good laugh, take the opportunity for a quick self-assessment and think about how you and your department are perceived by those we serve.

Stay safe!

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