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Former Houston firefighter makes 'controversial, racist' Facebook post

Dwight Allen was also one of seven firefighters to sue the city over claims that written tests were unfair to African Americans

HOUSTON — A former Houston firefighter's controversial Facebook post regarding fire department recruitment has set off a firestorm.

Dwight Allen, who used to be a captain with the Houston Fire Department, now works as a member of Houston's Human Resources Department and was also one of seven firefighters in 2009 to sue the city over claims that written tests were unfair to African Americans.

Recently, Allen posted a reminder about firefighter application deadlines and requirements to his personal Facebook, saying, "We would like to flood the exam with members from our family and neighborhoods with over 50-60 percent taking the test looking just like us or from our neighborhood. Please help me to make this happen!!!"

His posting ends with his official title with the Human Resources Department and phone number.

Allen's boss, Omar Reid, told ABC13 that although it is up to Allen to post what he wants on his personal account, adding his association with the human resources department was inappropriate.

"When we saw the posting, we asked Mr. Allen to remove the posting and at that point he complied with removing the posting," Reid said. "He did offer his resignation and we have not made a determination one way or another."

The city isn't firing Allen over the incident and Allen did not want to talk to the television station, but the Houston Black Firefighters Association said that Allen was just doing his job.

"He says people who looks like us. If I don't know who Dwight Allen is, I don't know how he looks. How can I make a racist statement?" said the group's spokesperson Gaylon Davenport. "If he feels like he has to do this to attract minorities because I'm assuming that's what this meant, then maybe the city is doing something wrong."

The city had no comment, only saying that they had received Allen's offer for resignation.

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