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Top 5 firefighting videos of January 2013

By FireRescue1 Staff

Firefighters use their gear to make a new kind of firefighting weapon, and a fire chopper crashing into the waves while trying to save a swimmer are among this month's top firefighting videos.

A firefighter is knocked off his ladder after getting hit head-first by a pile of snow and a firefighter responsible for a viral video making a nation-wide news appearance round out the five most popular videos in the firefighter community for January.

Russian firefighter water bazooka

A Russian crew somehow rigs up their gear to make an explosive water gun/bazooka. 


Fire chopper crashes into water

While trying to rescue a stranded swimmer, a Brazilian chopper suddenly loses altitude and crashes. 


Drunk man attacks fire truck on Inauguration weekend

An intoxicated man in a suit inexplicably attacks a fire truck and surrounding vehilces while swearing and screaming.


Firefighter knocked off ladder by snowdrift

A Russian firefighter is knocked back after a pile of snow falls on him while he tries to rescue a toddler.


Viral helmet-cam video firefighter appears on ABC News

The Mich. firefighter whose one-year compilation helmet-cam video went viral appears on ABC News to talk about the struggles firefighters are facing nation-wide.


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