Video: Firefighters "make me sick"

A Conn. man films a crew across from his home, complaining that fumes from the apparatus are making him sick

Editor's note: For added perspective on what this story means to the fire service, read Chief Adam K. Thiel's commentary

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Statter911 points us to this video of a man saying his local fire department makes him "sick."

The man records firefighters using an aerial ladder in what appears to be training or testing, while he says "the diesel fumes are blowing in my direction. They're making me sick! They pull this crap on a regular basis."

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The man claims that there is spot nearby the firefighters could work, but instead they go "in front of people's houses."

In the original YouTube video description, the uploader says "I guess A**holes do come in all shapes, sizes, colors and uniforms."

One suspects the diesel fumes would be less bothersome to his well being if that aerial were being used to pluck him from his burning home.

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