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5-year-old boy writes touching letter after firefighter's death

Billy Huddleston said he wanted to cheer up the firefighters by telling jokes and bringing cookies

OWEGO, N.Y. — A 5-year-old boy who wrote a touching letter to N.Y. firefighters after the tragic loss of one of their own was invited to the firehouse to play and meet the crews.

Billy Huddleston wrote a letter in the days following the death of Capt. Matthew Porcari, 34, who was killed after the floor gave way while he was inside a burning home.

In the letter, Huddleston says he wanted to cheer the firefighters up by bringing them "cookies or eggs" and telling them jokes.

The Owego firefighters invited Huddleston to the station, creating the perfect playground for a 5-year-old.

"Every day it was 'Momma, when are we going to the fire station? When are we going to the fire station?'" Maria Huddleston told WBNG.

Lt. Lee Dunham, Firefighter Porcari's uncle, who works at the same department, said he was touched by Huddleston's letter.

"It brought tears to my eyes when I read how he wanted to come and bring us cookies or eggs or come and tell jokes. For a 5-year-old kid to write that and be that interested in our fire department, especially Capt. Matt Porcari, it's just overwhelming," Dunham said.

Below is Huddleston's letter:


I love you guys because I really love your fire trucks. I am so sad your firefighter died and I love you guys. I'm 5 yrs old and when I grow up I'm gonna move into your fire station because I want to be a firefighter.
Is there anything I can give you to make you feel happy again, like cookies or eggs or visiting you to tell jokes. Maybe a blanket or a present.
I loved Captain Matthew Porcari. Call my Mom if you need me.
Billy Huddleston

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