Porn star accused of masturbating on firefighters' gear

Firefighters found the man in their locker room committing the act alone

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Ky. firefighters were shocked to find a man committing a "lewd act" after breaking into their firehouse over the weekend.

"This is probably the craziest thing I've probably ever been involved in," Sgt. Douglas Hepner with Louisville Fire & Rescue said.

Firefighters told WAVE3 that they heard an increasingly loud banging sound coming from outside the station early Saturday morning which woke them up.

Crews then saw a man break through a glass window, diving into the firehouse headfirst.

The firefighters searched the station and found the man in their locker room sitting on the floor.

A police report said the man was in the "midst of a sex act" when he was found alone in the locker room. He was reportedly masturbating over the gear that he had pulled out of the lockers, WLKY reports.

Nicholas Gonzalez, 27, was dragged out by firefighters and sent to jail. He faces charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and public intoxication.

When asked why he had broken into the firehouse, Gonzalez said "because I wanted to."

A Gawker report says that Gonzalez may be a well-know gay porn star. 


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