Firefighter son gives kidney to firefighter father

The father was diagnosed with kidney failure 15 years ago

BELLPORT, N.Y. — A man is saving his firefighter father's life by donating a kidney to him.

Tyler Furia, 21, also a Bellport, N.Y. volunteer firefighter, will undergo surgery Thursday to give his kidney to his father.

Firefighter Frank Furia was diagnosed with kidney failure 15 years ago and must go through dialysis three times a week, according to CBS New York.

“It was a shock, you know. I knew that my kidney was failing. They told me when I was diagnosed that the treatment could compromise my organs and such, I would die anyway type of thing,” Frank Furia told WCBS 880. “I opted for the treatment and 15 years later, it was compromised.”

Tyler said he was willing to do anything to help his father recover.

“This is the ultimate volunteering thing you could possibly do, helping out your own family members beyond anything they could possibly do in the fire department," he said.

Both men will have an eight-week recovery period.

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