Firefighter nearly left blind after bottle hurled at fire truck

Tiny pieces of glass flew into the firefighter's face, cutting up both her corneas; she has been forced to wear sunglasses around the clock

CBS New York

GARFIELD, N.J. — Police on Monday were searching for the assailant who almost cost a New Jersey firefighter her life.

As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, someone threw a bottle through one of the windows of the fire truck while it raced to an emergency this past Friday night. Sanchez talked to the victim — Garfield, N.J. volunteer firefighter Victoria Kovacs, 22. “It just was like a big bang, and then there was glass everywhere,” she said. Three nights after the attack, Kovacs has been forced to wear sunglasses around the clock — dulling the pain after the frightening attack nearly blinded her.

“I was sitting over here in the second seat, right across diagonal from this second seat, and we went through the intersection at Monroe near Commerce Street when something hit the window and it shattered,” Kovacs said. “I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know if we had hit something, if somebody was throwing something at us, if somebody had shot the window.”

Full story: N.J. Volunteer Firefighter Nearly Left Blind After Bottle Is Hurled At Fire Truck

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