Dallas firefighters break policy to help pregnant woman, unborn baby after shooting

Firefighters knew one of the shooting victims was eight months pregnant and went inside before police arrived “because they knew they could make a difference”

By FireRescue1 Staff

DALLAS — Firefighters who responded to a shooting broke a newly instituted policy by not waiting for police before going inside a home to try and save a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

WFAA reported that a Dallas Fire-Rescue Department crew responded to a call about two people who had been shot inside of a home, including Delashon Jefferson, who was eight months pregnant.

While Jefferson didn’t survive, firefighters did everything they could to save her baby, who was later delivered via C-section at the hospital.

A department policy, instituted in August, requires firefighters to wait for police before entering a violent scene. But the crew knew one of the victims was pregnant and broke policy to help her.

"They took a gamble because they knew that someone had been shot and needed help and needed help quickly,” Dallas Fire Fighters Association President Jim McDade said.  "They had to go in there because they knew they could make a difference.”

Upon entering, firefighters found Jefferson in the arms of her mother Sharon.

Even though Delashon died as a result of the shooting, her mother calls the newborn baby girl a miracle.

“Because her mama passed away, and they saved her,” she said.

Firefighters also saved another man who was shot inside the home.

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