HFSC receives grant to increase home fire sprinkler education

The non-profit organization will partner fire services with homebuilders in more than 100 markets

By FireRescue1 Staff

FRANKFORT, Ill. —The non-profit organization Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition was awarded a grant that will fund an educational program aimed at increasing home fire sprinkler installation.

“Home fires remain a national disaster, both for residents and first responders, and that loss has been staggering for too long,” HFSC President Lorraine Carli said. “Home fire sprinklers save lives but too few new homes are built with them. The grant makes it possible for HFSC to provide local decision-makers with a perceptive approach that will directly increase the number of homes protected by fire sprinklers.”

HFSC will partner fire services with homebuilders, developers and zoning boards in over 100 markets. The fire services will communicate the necessity of fire sprinklers in home developments and will offer trade up incentives.

“Although trade ups are working well in some jurisdictions, the concept is still new to most fire departments and AHJs,” Carli said. “Our program will educate about the value of using trade ups to achieve community risk reduction. We will supply free resources fire departments can use in any community to improve awareness and increase sprinkler installation.”

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