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The 'Faces of Fire'

New campaign by NFPA allows everyone to hear first-hand accounts from fire victims

You have probably heard a lot of talk about the potentially lifesaving benefits of residential fire sprinklers, and maybe you've even experienced them in action.

While listening to the debate about home fire sprinklers from fire safety advocates and those opposed to their installation in new construction is one thing, it's quite another to hear from real people affected by fires where sprinklers could have made a difference.

The National Fire Protection Association has just announced a new campaign called Faces of Fire that allows everyone to hear first-hand accounts from fire victims, including burn survivors, firefighters, and those who lost family members in tragic blazes.

You can access the campaign through NFPA's website or the Fire Sprinkler Initiative website.

Whatever your personal feelings on the subject of residential fire sprinklers, you owe it to yourself and those we serve to read the stories and watch the video clips.

We all benefit from better understanding the impact of fire on the people in our communities, including our sister and brother firefighters.

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