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A successful smoke alarm save

If you need an example of how the system should work, this is a good one

Editor's note: With an 81-year-old Virginia man safely escaping his burning home Monday morning after he heard his smoke detectors, Chief Adam K. Thiel highlights its significance on a general level.

I get tired of reading stories about fatal fires where properly functioning smoke alarms could have made a difference.

So it's nice to see an example of a successful smoke alarm save!

While it's unfortunate this gentleman experienced some property damage, limited by the fire department's intervention, he wasn't injured or killed.

Remember that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people aged over 65, and those under age 4, are at higher risk for fire-related deaths and injuries than the general population.

Make no mistake, the best way that we, as firefighters, can accomplish our mission of protecting lives and property is through aggressive fire prevention and life safety education, coupled with a safe and effective response.

If you need an example of how the system should work, this is a good one.

For more from the CDC, visit their website's fire prevention section.

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