Important Update to the FY 2011 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Application

FEMA has released an important annoucement concerning FY 2011 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Application. The dealine for FY 2011 FP&S Applications is extended to Firday May 4, 2012, at 5 p.m. EDT. The deadline for submitting your grant application has been extended to May 4 to ensure that all applicants receive the information and time needed to update their applications.  However, no applications will be accepted after this date and time.

YOU MUST BE SURE TO USE THE UPDATED FP&S APPLICATION AND ANSWER THE QUESTION ON FINANCIAL NEED.  We recently discovered that when the FY 2011 FP&S Grant application was deployed, a question about Financial Need was not visible to applicants.  This question—“Please describe your organization’s need for Federal financial assistance,” must be answered by all applicants because it is critical to your application’s evaluation--it is worth 10 percent of your application’s Technical Evaluation Panel score.   

The application problem has been fixed in the e-Grants online application, but you must be sure to answer the question on Financial Need, which is found in the “Applicant Information.”

  • If you have not yet started your FP&S application:  Please start your application as soon as possible! Information about eligible projects and items that can be requested is provided below. 
  • If you have started your FP&S application:  *First, be sure that you have updated your web browser (see instructions below.)*Once that is done, go to the “Applicant Information” section of the application and find the question, “Please describe your organization’s need for federal financial assistance. “  Enter your answer in the textbox provided.  Be sure to SAVE your application data.  
  • If you have submitted your FP&S application already:  Don’t worry—it will be released back to you in the e-Grant Application System. You will need to log back into the E-Grant system.  You will see that your FY2011 FPS Application is available for updating. Go into the “Update Application” section.  Go to the “Applicant Information” section, which is the third section of the application, and find the question,
    “*Please describe your organization’s need for federal financial assistance. “  Enter your answer in the textbox provided and SAVE your application data.  


To ensure that you are working in the most recent version of the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant application, you must update your web browser’s settings.  Follow the instructions below to update the settings:

  1. Click on “Tools” and then click on “Internet Options.”
  2. On the “General” tab, find “Browsing History” and click the "Settings" button.”  
  3. Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages,” be sure to select the button “Every time I visit the page," and click OK.  You will return to the “General” tab screen.
  4. Then click the "Delete" button under “Browsing History.”  Check the options to delete your Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, and Form Data.  Click “Delete.”  You will return to the “General” tab screen.
  5. Click OK again to exit the “Tools” window.
  6. Close your web browser and any other open browsers.  Then open a new web browsing screen.

   This will ensure that you access the updated version of the FY 2011 FPS Application. 


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