Detroit firefighters get new gear with $1.75 million grant

The firefighters will receive almost 1,000 new sets of turnout gear

DETROIT— Detroit firefighters received 645 sets of gear this week thanks to a $1.75 million grant.

The equipment is also being funded by $965,000 from the city, according to the Detroit News.

977 sets of new gear, which include turnout gear with a fire-resistant jacket and pants, were ordered. The dept. is expecting the remaining sets in the coming weeks. 

"It's a great thing for members of this department," Fire Commissioner Donald Austin said. "That's been one of our major complaints. turnout gear is fundamental to doing our jobs."

The new gear comes after a documentary recently premiered, called "Burn: One year on the front lines of the battle to save Detroit" which showed firefighters duct-taping boots before running to battle a fire.

"I am extremely pleased that nearly every Detroit firefighter will soon have brand new protective gea and emergency equipment, thanks to our partnership with FEMA," a statement from Mayor Dave Bing said. "Our men and women...risk their lives to save others, and it is imperative that they are well-equipped to do their job."

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Infographic: 7 steps to clean firefighting turnout gear

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