The debate: mandatory gear retirement at 10 years
After a firefighter was shot in the leg earlier this week, fire officials are re-evaluating their safety measures
Miguel Rivas was getting a glass of water when he saw a man taking his turnout coat and SCBA gear from his vehicle
Keeping firefighters and carcinogens separated takes a plan, discipline and some pocket change; here's how to do it
Gore's scientific laboratory tests firefighter PPE performance by mimicking fireground stresses
The city council gave the fire department the go-ahead Nov. 8 to apply for a federal grant to buy 14 ballistic vests
The firefighter sustained burns to his ears, neck, arms and shoulders
Officials used a $150,000 grant to purchase 152 ballistic vests for first responders
The report discusses a range of department issues, such as training and outdated equipment
Researchers are gaining ground on the holy grail of determining how much contamination remains in PPE after cleaning
The departments will use the funds to purchase upgraded SCBA, which feature a display inside the face mask denoting the amount of remaining air in a tank
Whether or not the gloves are NFPA certified, use this checklist to guide your next extrication glove purchase
The mayor and fire chief said they don’t want to give members a false sense of security
Not all contaminates are equal and neither are cleaning methods; understanding both is necessary for clean PPE
The firefighter was dressed in his gear to honor first responders killed during 9/11
Here's a comprehensive look at what to wear under your bunker gear and why
Ballistic protective equipment for active shooter response is eligible for Assistance to Firefighters grant funding
Charles McKenzie's turnout gear was compromised after the fire hit a flash point, leaving him with second- and third-degree burns
The vests weigh around 17 pounds, and are said to be able to stop bullets from a high-powered rifle
NFPA is looking at different sizing and testing methods that would significantly change structural firefighting gloves
The parka comes in high visibility and dark navy with multiple external pockets

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