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Personal Protective Equipment - PPE News & Articles
Bedbugs can and will get in your turnout gear; the nature of PPE makes eradicating them all the more tricky
Cotten duty uniforms replaced synthetic blends that can melt to the skin; they also received a second set of turnouts
PPE certification is not a guarantee of protection, but it does let fire departments know which products have been test to the minimum performance standard
Bunker gear will be tested to determine exposure levels; no firefighters have developed symptoms of contamination
The gear is ideal for wildland, extrication, MVAs, traffic control and incident command
Not all of the probationary firefighters have a confirmed diagnosis; at least one of the trainees was hospitalized
The trapped firefighters had to deploy their personal fire shelters as a rapid wind shift sent the wildfire burning over their location
One firefighter fell in the house; another firefighter was treated at the scene for a burn to his face
Not all station wear is created equal; here's what NFPA certification means and how it evolved
The department received 118 sets of ballistic protection gear for use in active-shooter situations and mass-casualty incidents
Investigators will examine to see if a mechanical failure caused firefighter Daniel Groover's collapse
Shifting the focus from the materials to the design would improve PPE and make buying easier
New structure glove makes fingers more nimble
Part of the second-floor ceiling gave way and went down the back of the Capt.'s coat; a teen has been charged with arson
The new gear was paid for by proceeds from "Burn," a documentary film about the city's firefighters that Leary executive-produced
Methods to better test both the level of contamination and the level of "clean" are moving forward
Not properly testing SCBA face pieces put firefighters in danger now and in years to come
The firefighter was struck by a casing fragment; he was treated and released on the scene
The firefighter suffered burns to his neck and is in stable condition
Chief Kevin Peters said their current turnout gear is 13 years old, while the average life span is eight years

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