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FireGrantsHelp.com Assists Longton, Kansas Fire Department with PPE Grant


SAN FRANCISCO - FireGrantsHelp.com, the top online grant information and direct assistance resource for the fire service, has announced that the Longton, Kansas Fire Department was funded in the first round of the AFG process for a PPE and training grant.

FireGrantsHelp assisted the 6-person, all-volunteer, Longton, KS Fire Department with a grant writing project that resulted in funding for the full amount of their project, $61,540. The Longton Fire Department was the only department in the Midwest to receive funding in the first round of AFG. The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program provides financial assistance directly to fire departments and nonaffiliated EMS organizations to enhance their capabilities with respect to fire and fire-related hazards. The grant opens for a narrow window of time each year. This year, twelve agencies were on the list for the first round of funding and FireGrantsHelp was the only grant writing agency to receive a grant in the Midwest. 

Prior to receiving the grant funding, only one member of the Longton Fire Department was equipped with PPE gear, which was financed out of the firefighter’s own pocket. The five other volunteer firefighters wore substandard PPE borrowed from the Kansas Forestry Service. The gear was over 30 years old and the bunker coats were lined with nylon, a well-known safety hazard for firefighters. Because of the funding, Longton FD will be able to purchase new PPE and pay for FF-I certification for all of their firefighters and meet NFPA 1001 standards, bringing their department closer to full compliance with NFPA 1001.

 “We are thrilled that the small, but mighty Longton Fire Department was awarded, in its entirety, the grant amount they requested,” said Sarah Wilson, Director of the FireGrantsHelp Program. “I am so proud that our program was able to assist this department. They will now have the ability to better serve the 633 permanent resident population in their first due area while staying safe on the job.”

In the past four years, FireGrantsHelp has helped EMS and Fire agencies receive a total of more than $13 million in grant awards.

For more information on FireGrantsHelp.com, visit www.firegrantshelp.com.

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