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Off Road Rescue News & Articles
Once the department decides it needs them, training on how to safely use them in the environment where they'll be deployed is critical
Not every emergency scene has road access, which is all the more treacherous in winter weather; here are six solutions to getting there
Thieves broke through a locked door and made off with the six-wheel unit
The rescue took about two hours after a car hit a tanker truck and fell 120 feet and landed upright on 8 feet of snow
Cameron Mitchell Goins, 47, crashed into a tree during an avalanche preparedness training exercise
Some emergency scenarios require specialized vehicles to move patients or attack fire; here's a look at what's on the market and how to make the best choice
Nicknamed 'the beast' the truck can also be used for rescue and evacuations
The BRA purchased a rescue sled in October
The all-terrain vehicles will help responders navigate the long and narrow winding trails to reach victims in need
The display teaches children and adults about ATV safety and accident prevention
1 ranger fell to his death while attempting to rescue injured climbers
$18,000 Dept of Agriculture grant allows fire department to buy firefighting ATV
By Dave Halsey NOHVCC Contributing Writer As long as there have been ATVs, people have used them to search for missing persons, haul sandbags during spring floods, and reach
Restaurant's foundation gives more than $40,000 to departments in the Carolinas
The versatile units come in both wildland and EMT models and can navigate narrow, crowded or other special terrain
The same trailer that will be purchased to transport the ATV will be pulled behind the ATV and carry pumps and other equipment
ATVs have been the workhorses this week, ferrying food, water and medicines to residents who can't climb down and back up the ladders now placed where bridges used to be
Dr. Richard Buckley is calling for mandatory helmet legislation and better checks on drinking and riding
By Sean Evans WYMTLETCHER COUNTY, Ky. — Rescue crews loaded up a 68-year-old man into the helicopter as other rescue crews and concerned neighbors looked on. Rescuers say the
Fellow firefighter Capt. Ed Carey and his wife were hunting when their ATV overturned, critically injuring the firefighter

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