Muscle vs. Machine - The Rookie SideKick in Action

Firefighters used to drive teams of horses, pump water by hand and inhale smoke without anything to protect their lungs. Even though this physical work no doubt made them tough and strong, it also meant many injured firefighters and worn-out, busted up bodies after a career of repeated punishment. As a taxpayer, I'm an advocate of supplying firefighters with the best tools and technology available. The Rookie Sidekick does the job better, faster and safer. It pays for itself.

Fire schedules are hectic. Fire training shouldn’t be. With over 300 on-demand fire and EMS courses, FireRescue1 Academy allows you to train anytime, anywhere. Based on current NFPA and CAPCE standards, we offer engaging CEUs and training management for departments designed to fit you and your agency’s busy schedule See how: get a free demo now

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