Even the Brutally Hot Desert Sun Can't Touch the Leather on the Firefighter Boots from HAIX®

Summer in Arizona where it is 113 °F (45 °C) in the shade and the sun is directly overhead, blistering rays blaze down on the boot's black leather. This is "hell on earth", even for the toughest firefighter. The desert sand here sometimes reaches temperatures that can nearly burn the leather: This cannot happen with Structural Fire Fighting Boots from HAIX®!

"Feet overheating in boots?" The German specialty shoe developer utilizes a concentrated high-tech system to combat this problem. "Firefighters from New Mexico, Arizona and California let us know the problems they were experiencing", says the company's CEO, Ewald Haimerl and no development costs were spared in addressing the issue. Together with a German leather manufacturer, he developed a system called Sun-Reflect®. Special color pigments are incorporated directly into the leather, and, as a result, the Structural Fire Fighting and Station Boots from HAIX® absorb 30 % less sunlight than the traditional boots of other shoe manufacturers. A test demonstration illustrates this effect. Boots from another competitor were tested along with Structural Fire Fighting Boots from HAIX®. Both sides were subjected to 30 minutes of intensive thermal radiation. Temperatures taken at the conclusion of the test show: The leather on the boots of the competitor, at 145 °F (63 °C), was hot enough to sizzle water droplets, whereas the surface temperature of the HAIX® boots measured only 102 °F (39 °C). A difference of 43 ° F (24°C) and an increased level of comfort that is truly appreciated by those who wear the Structural Fire Fighting and Station Boots from HAIX®.

But there's more to it than that. To ensure climate-control and comfort in the HAIX® firefighter boot, there is also an ingenious ventilation system called the HAIX®

Climate System. With each step, the boot is perfectly ventilated, similar to a bellows effect, by this HAIX® breakthrough that has proven itself a thousand times over.
Because the temperature on the fire ground is even higher, the HAIX® Structural Fire Fighting Boots are equipped with shock-absorbing foam. This foam is injected between the sole and shoe with the utmost precision. The two-fold effect: The rubber sole protects again fire and heat while ensuring exceptionally secure footing. The injected foam provides excellent insulation from the heat of the fire ground. HAIX® calls this innovation the "Micro Soft Light System", or MSL for short. It protects the foot even from the most extreme conditions. It's not without reason that firefighters around the world rely on Structural Fire Fighting boots made by HAIX®. Weather and climate conditions don't stand a chance against us!

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