HAIX Announces its Sister Website

Lexington, KY - HAIX®, a leading manufacturer of high quality fire fighting, rescue, military, law enforcement, and outdoor-recreation footwear, announces the arrival of its sister website, www.haix-bootstore.com.

The new e-commerce website is secure, dynamic and user-friendly, providing easy navigation through the entire line of HAIX® boots and accessories. Made to complement the HAIX® corporate website, www.haix.com, the HAIX® Boot Store website makes extensive use of graphics to fully represent the HAIX® line up. The HAIX® Boot Store website will highlight specials throughout the year which are not offered anywhere else.

About HAIX®:
HAIX® is a producer of functional and innovative footwear. Our high-tech products fulfill the highest requirements regarding function, quality and design. HAIX® is committed to providing the market with the best footwear for the fire services, rescue and law enforcement industries. HAIX® is quality from Germany.


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