The HAIX SECURA LINER Provides Improved Safety on the Job

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Lexington, KY, - The worldwide unique Secura Liner system from HAIX® offers added safety, which every firefighter knows to appreciate. Unlike many other firefighter boots equipped with a bootie system, the inner shoe remains inside the boot. Inner linings that are not securely integrated can slip out when the shoe is taken off, often coming completely out of the shaft. It can then be very difficult to push back into place and which can create a major hazard for the firefighter while on the job. In emergency situations, every second counts, and the equipment must function perfectly. Inner linings that hang out can cause a person to trip and make it difficult to put on quickly.

The solution: the service shoe liner is firmly secured along with the upper leather and secured with the sole. Soft, shock-absorbing foam is injected into the sole to further secure the lining and leather and ensure that it remains waterproof. Along with optimal protection against fire and heat, the product developers of the German quality manufacturer have also been successful in creating a shoe that is a seamless “monolithic system.” Sole, inner shoe, upper material – all components are permanently connected to each other. A pleasant foot climate has also been taken into account thanks to breathable materials and a washable insole.

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