4 skills for better radio communication
The ancient Greeks developed communication strategies to influence people, and they should be used by every fire chief today
The alert system didn't send out an evacuation notice, because the text messages are limited to only 90 characters
The dispatcher is accused of being involved in thousands of calls that lasted less than 20 seconds
The shift from landlines to mobile lines has been a nightmare for locating 911 callers; technology is starting to offer up solutions
Look for these six features when adding technology to incident management, especially for large-scale incidents
Built-in redundancies allow these three to work when communication lines go down
Dispatchers are trained to ask firefighters for details about a situation; the fire chief said questions can be heard publicly over radios and exacerbate the situation
Women's History Month is celebrated annually during March; here's a handful of inventions vital to present-day first responders
Waze users reported a Texas interstate accident that appeared on a dispatch center's feed 11 minutes before a 911 call was made
The suit claims the newly installed digital radios repeatedly knocked firefighters off the air, forcing them to use hand signals
Bitcoin, also known as blockchain, can upload pre-incident plans, help 911 services obtain information during high volume times, employee memos and log equipment inventory
Of the new products introduced this year, these nine have to potential to greatly improve firefighting
An ambulance didn't arrive until 47 minutes after the initial call; the dispatcher has been placed on administrative leave
A department memo issued by Chief Brian Byrd said every firefighter is to leave a burning building if their radios no longer work
No firefighters were on the tracks and no one was injured, but crews said the minor incident could have turned deadly with bad communication
Technology from eDispatches is changing how emergency responders receive dispatch notifications
This free PDF from FireGrantsHelp and FireRescue1 will give you everything you need for this year's Assistance to Firefighters Grants program
Three firefighters were treated for burns after the fire and five residents were displaced
Fire chief: "We added these to help us communicate with the employees the information that is needed for daily operations."
Matthew Sanchez told a frantic caller, who was trying to save her friend's life after being shot, to 'deal with it yourself'

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