Setcom Corporation Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Police and fire communications equipment manufacturer has been innovating since 1970

Austin, Texas - Setcom Corporation, an industry leader in communications systems and accessories for police motorcycles, fire apparatus, and other public safety and military vehicles, celebrates its fortieth anniversary this month. Founded in 1970 by Kent Schwartzman, Comset, the original company name, was created from an existing industrial headset division of the San Jose Steel Company in San Jose, California. The business was initially started in Santa Clara, California, and relocated to Mountain View, California in 1975, where it operated for 29 years under its new name, Setcom, before Schwartzman retired and sold the company to Pinnacle Peak Capital Partners in 2004.

Since the companys founding, Setcom has revolutionized and set the standard for the world of police motorcycle communications. After the development of the first communications kit in 1970, Setcom introduced accessories to integrate mobile and portable radios for motor officers and a series of intercoms built for fire apparatus and ARFF vehicles.

From the invention of the first ComKit to innovating wireless technology, Setcom has enjoyed success with the introduction of the SuperMic in 2002, the portable-only Liberator wireless system in 2005 and more recently, the release of the mobile-portable Liberator 9 wireless system in 2009. The mobile portable Liberator 9 is the latest advance in police motorcycle communications, eliminating cables to provide rapid transition and reliable communication.

"Setcom has remained strong throughout the many changes in the technology revolution of the past 40 years," said Jim Roberts, president of Setcom. "We have succeeded in recognizing our customers needs and offering innovative products that can be customized to help them do their jobs safely and effectively.

Public safety and industrial professionals around the world depend on Setcom products. In 1979, when the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster occurred in Dauphin County, Penn., technicians were equipped with Setcoms GM-312 Face Mask Kit and portable radio cable assembly. The kit included a patented bone conduction microphone designed to respond to voice vibrations transmitted through the skull, making it possible for all communications to be accurately heard. Even the White House has relied on Setcom. During the presidency of George Bush, Sr., Setcoms intercom systems were utilized on Secret Service boats.

Now located in Austin, Texas, Setcom continues to provide public safety professionals with durable, functional and high-quality equipment that keeps them safe and connected.

About Setcom Corporation
Setcom is a privately held company that designs, manufactures, and sells communications systems, headsets and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom's markets include police, fire and the US military, as well as certain industrial and commercial segments.

Founded in 1970, Setcom has been a pioneer in its markets for 40 years. The company is still a leader because it works with police motorcycle officers and firefighters to develop the kind of innovative, tailormade products public safety professionals depend on. First responders in all fifty states, most major U.S. cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.

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