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New Pathfinder™ Radios by General Dynamics Instantly Form Secure Communications Networks for First Responders and Military

From a worldwide tactical-Internet leader, General Dynamics’ new Pathfinder radio enables Internet-like communications in areas without commercial network

"Today, most soldiers and first responders don't have access to Internet-based capabilities like chat and text messaging on their current radios," said Joe Miller, director, Radio Strategy and Emerging Business for General Dynamics C4 Systems. "Using advanced mesh-network technology, the Pathfinder radio is actually a network system that delivers the communications and information advantages of the Internet in a radio that can also interoperate with cell phones and traditional land mobile radios."

Mesh networking is enabled by embedded technologies that allow Pathfinder radios to form their own network without the need for any "infrastructure" such as towers, base stations and access points. With Pathfinder radios, if a soldier or first responder can see someone else using a Pathfinder radio, they can talk to anyone else on the Pathfinder-enabled network.

Pathfinder radio features include:

  • Network configuration can be accomplished remotely, such as disabling a lost or stolen radio
  • GPS-based position-location information to track radio users in real-time
  • Secure voice, data, video and text communications
  • Pathfinder gateway products that enable interoperability with UHF and VHF radios and APCO-25 radios, satellite terminals and cellular and landline phone systems
  • Support for multiple users on a single frequency conserving frequency spectrum space

Pathfinder network radios are available for immediate delivery and pricing starts at $1,650. For detailed information or to order, go to www.gdc4s.com/pathfinder or call 1-888- 920-1430.

For more information about General Dynamics C4 Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), please visit www.gdc4s.com.

Information about General Dynamics is available at www.generaldynamics.com.

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