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C-AT Introduces the Incident Commanders' Radio Interface™

RESTON, Vir. - Communications-Applied Technology announces the ICRI 4TG/10P [Incident Commanders’ Radio Interface™], an expanded version of the ICRITM

For agencies that need a coordinated response to large scale disasters, that complies with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), C-AT has developed the ICRI-4TG/10P, an interoperability device that creates up to four (4) independent talk groups, enabling 1st responders to collaborate on-scene, and reach back to command despite using incompatible radio equipment.

The ICRI-4TG, like all “Incident Commanders’ Radio Interface™” models, is designed for simplicity and ease of use, functioning without the operational complexity of computer controllers or keypads.

The ICRI reduces man-hours required to develop competency during emergency operations, minimizes power consumption, and permits operation over a wide range of voltages.

Available functions:

• 10, radio ports for HF/VHF, UHF, 700-900MHz
• 1 dual function, satellite phone-acoustic coupler/ L-M-R
• 1, 4-wire, cellphone-desk telephone
• 2-wire, handset station emulator
• Configurable 2-wire/4-wire (E&M)
• Unbalanced audio I/O
• Handset/headset
• Transmitted “bridge” ID (adjustable period)
• Field control of Bridge ID enable/disable
• 4 individual talk group recording/amplified speaker jacks

• Up to 4 independent ATA (RJ45)
• Up to two independent PSTN connections (RJ11)
• Choice of port locations
• Configurable as 2U or 3U 19” rack-mount or built into a Pelican™ 1550 case

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