Fire Radios Tips

  • Use the radio strap

    The radio strap is a very good aid, as it relocates the radio from the chest area to the hip area.

  • Protecting the radio

    Carrying the radio under the gear using a radio strap or the inside pocket, will provide more thermal protection.

  • Clear communications wearing SCBA

    By making this contact, the radio mic will pick up the voice much clearer than by holding it two inches away from the speaking diaphragm.

  • Don't yell into radios

    Speak in a normal tone. It will come across much clearer.

  • Using the radio strap

    The radio strap is a very good aid because it moves the radio from the chest area and relocates the radio to the hip area.

  • Protecting the radio

    The portable radio is our lifeline. Using bunker gear is one way to protect it.

  • Best practices for safe and effective communications

    All personnel must be trained to use their radios in conjunction with other protective equipment. Comprehensive and continuing training is critical as communications is a key component of the firefighter’s overall safety ensemble...

  • Selecting features for firefighter radios

    Today's radios are extremely flexible in programming features and the functions of buttons on the radio. Cooperation between the radio vendor and technical provider for your radio system will be instrumental in filtering through all of the programming parameters...

  • Portable Radio User Guide

    Users and their behaviors have an impact on the effectiveness of fireground communications. Human factors, such as the way we speak and organization of reports, affect communications...

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