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Case Study: McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority and ePro Scheduler

By eCore Software

At MFPAA, we used a manual time clock and Excel spreadsheets with manual entry for scheduling and timekeeping, before we started using ePro Scheduler. This method was inefficient and impractical to continue any longer. We wanted to find a more efficient option that was also less labor and time intensive for all of our scheduling duties. We searched for a product that had the highest quality in ease of use, would fit our system of shift setups and payroll, and was internet based for accessible availability to field employees and managers.

MFPAA highly regarded the ePro Scheduler system and we chose it because of ease of use, cost efficiency, and the ongoing customer support! They are awesome and have always been there when we need them. Our operation has felt the impact since switching to online scheduling with ePro. Because of ePro Scheduler, we have less time spent on scheduling, we reduced the number of phone calls and texts that must be sent out, and we have time keeping included in the scheduling process.

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