DQE® Introduces the EveryBodyTM Coffin, Enhancing Dignity in the Midst of Disaster

end picture INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Mass fatalities are an inevitable consequence of mass disasters.  Responding to mass fatality incidents requires planners and officials to focus on the unique needs of the deceased and the survivors.

A coffin is the most recognizable and universally accepted method of handling fatalities.  The high cost and inherent design of coffins has traditionally made them impractical for use during mass fatality incidents. 

Now, there is a coffin that is designed specifically to meet the needs of mass fatality response.  The EveryBodyTM Coffin overcomes the barriers faced with traditional coffins.  The EveryBody Coffin is a high quality product, at an affordable price, that requires minimal storage space.

Watching how bodies were managed during the 2004 tsunami, a Dutch engineer was motivated to design a coffin that was affordable, accessible, and suitable.  His goal was to ensure that fatalities are managed in an efficient and dignified manner during a mass fatality incident, just as is expected for non-mass fatality events.

This unique coffin, with its patented, all natural wood design, allows for flat storage, is assembled without tools, and stacks and transports easily.  The coffins are forklift compatible and can be stacked up to three high.  The natural Cieba Pentandra wood used to construct the coffin is environmentally friendly, accommodating both burial and cremation needs. 

For around $200, planners now have an option when developing response plans for mass fatality incidents.  The EveryBody Coffin is available in two sizes (large and small) and ships in water resistant packaging for secure storage.  For additional information, please call 1-800-355-4628 or visit

DQE, Inc. manufactures and distributes emergency preparedness and response equipment for first responders, hospital, military, and industrial emergency response use.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, DQE proudly celebrates 17 years of service.  For additional information or to learn more about DQE and its family of products, visit

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