Keigan Systems Provides Free HazMat Plume Modeling

Keigan Systems has developed the site, which provides free HazMat plume modeling for first responders. CLEER (Catastrophic Level Event Emergency Response) is a sophisticated and powerful plume modeling intelligence/analytics used to model the predictive pathway of hazardous vapor dispersion incidents. provides a simplified application of CLEER on the mapping platform of Google Maps. Keigan will be releasing their subscription version, CLEER-Impact Plus, in March 2008. It will provide users with full control over chemical, weather, and release parameters to be modeled. CLEER-Impact Plus will allow subscribers to model the following incident release types: Chemical Releases (Tanker Truck, Rail Car, Storage Tank, Storage Drum, Gas Cylinder, and Puddle), Smoke Releases (Tire & Oil Fires), and Nuclear Releases (Steam Release).

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