Titan Energy’s Sentry 5000™ Brings Power, Water Purification, Satellite Communications, Heating & Cooling Available in Single, Portable Unit.

DETROIT, MI—Imagine a major natural disaster strikes the community. Power, phone lines and cell towers are all down. The water supply has been contaminated. Temperatures are in the 90°s, or sub-freezing. This occurs regularly and around the world when tornados, earthquakes, explosions and other disasters rip apart the basic infrastructure of a community. When every moment is critical t o saving lives and property, locating and moving generators and other equipment to a disaster site and getting it up and running can take more time than responders have. Titan Energy Development, a subsidiary of Titan Energy Worldwide, has spent the past two years finding a better way to get the job done.

Until now, disaster, emergency and remote civilian or military site response has always required a variety of task-specific back-up equipment - generators to restore power, purification systems or bottled water to provide safe drinking water, satellite radios for basic communication needs.

New to the market is Titan Energy’s Sentry 5000™, a multi-function, all-in-one utility unit on wheels. Like traditional generators, it provides 60 kW of electricity, enough to power 10 homes or a 20,000 square foot office building. Unlike any other single piece of equipment available today, it also has the capability of purifying up to 3,600 gallons of water a day, providin g heat or air conditioning, compressed air and satellite communications – all at the same time. The unit’s compact size makes it easily towable behind an SUV or pick-up. A simple, one-button start makes it operational within minutes allowing response personnel to focus on more pressing on-site needs.

“Providing for basic needs during an emergency, domestic or military, are always urgent,” said Thomas Black, President of Titan Energy Worldwide. “Getting those basics - power, water and communications - up and running as quickly as possible is always a top priority for first responders and relief workers,” added Black.

The Sentry 5000™ was developed at NextEnergy in Detroit’s TechTown where Titan Energy began their start up operation in October, 2005 as NextEnergy’s first tenant. In little more than two years, Titan has grown from two employees to 30 and expects to see its ranks of workers grow as orders continue to come in for the Sentry 5000™ and the success of its other subsidiaries. Today Titan Energy Development is a subsidiary of Titan Energy Worldwide, a publicly traded company (OTCBB:TEWI) dedicated to innovation in the power generation industry. Two Sentry 5000™ units have already been delivered to the US Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) with orders for 10 more from a variety of distributors, government and military customers. In its 2007 annual report, which is due in March 30, 2008, the Company expects to report gross revenues of approximately $8.8 million in its first full year of operations.

In addition, Titan is currently working as partners with NextEnergy to develop and produce a revolutionary electric hybrid unit, the Sentry 5000™EH, for the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. The Sentry EH will contain DC batteries, a photo-voltaic system, wind turbine and a state-of-the-art AC/DC gateway. This advancement will allow the Sentry EH to run for extended periods of time wi thout refueling and offer a solution less dependent on traditional fuels, particularly in emergency and remote locations where these fuel sources may be limited. Engine generator testing with renewable and synthetic fuel blends was recently kicked off at NextEnergy’s alternative fuel testing platform in Detroit.

“We are starting to see real-world applications of new fuels and power generators now coming into the marketplace,” said James Croce, CEO of NextEnergy. “Next generation power generation is already here with more major advancements coming on-line faster than anyone could have dreamed,” added Croce.

In keeping with its mission to accelerate and advance the alternative energy technology industry in Michigan, NextEnergy has provided support to Titan’s business growth through its state-of-the-art facilities as well as providing connections to industry, research, military and business leaders. Through their partnership with NextEnergy, Titan Energy is currently working with Wayne State University, the U.S. Army and TARDEC on a number of cooperative research and development activities. In additi on, Titan has established supplier partnerships with three Michigan-based companies: Tel-X Corporation in Garden City, Rush Air in St. Clair and Controls Crew, Inc. in Madison Heights.

Titan Energy is a leader in the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of energy generation products and services, a major participant in the distributed, renewable, and alternative energy industries, and a leader in development and support for new energy-related technology. Founded in 2005, Titan combines engineering expertise, established sales and distributorships, service operations and unique strategic partnerships to meet the growing global demand for clean, efficient, energy solutions. Titan serves disaster recovery first responders, relief agencies, homeland security, the department of defense and municipalities. For more information, visit the company’s website at

NextEnergy, Michigan’s alternative energy accelerator, is a non-profit corporation dedi cated to enabling the commercialization of energy technologies that positively contribute to economic competitiveness, energy security and the environment. NextEnergy drives technology collaborations, supplier diversification, progressive energy policy, and new business venture support to position Michigan as a leader in the emerging alternative energy industry. For more information please visit

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