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Fire Education News & Articles
Fire and EMS should promote public involvement in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED use to improve community health
As the fire service progresses forward and continues to put more emphasis on education, the firefighter/first-responder has to ask themselves several questions
Bystander with military training used his belt as a tourniquet on a man's severed leg; department policy is to leave tourniquets in place
They noticed something was wrong when the rig rolled through a light; they performed CPR and used an AED to save the driver's life
Emergency responders prepare for a gymnast with a spinal cord injury in a foam landing pit
It is imperative leaders of the fire service work to be more visible on a daily basis as a true partner with the community
By Dr. Shana Nicholson Many people consider their pets members of their immediate family. However, when it comes to disaster planning, very few families take the
The easy setup and maintenance, interactivity, tight security and visual impact of this device will put an end to sleepy PowerPoint training sessions forever
55", 70", and (soon) 80" solutions feature interactive training across multiple locations in an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, all-in-one PC device
It is increasingly difficult to get driver trainees road time; advances in driver simulators may fill that gap
The tracker allows training to be assigned to each member individually depending upon their qualifications and rank
This application allows for a broad variety of functions, condensed into a central reporting and tracking system
Read how a Va. combo department overcame initial personnel resistance to achieve efficiency and safety improvements that have been "nothing short of remarkable"
The digital fire replicates fire behavior when hit with a hose stream
The BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher System uses digital “flame” generation and sensor technology to simulate the dousing of a fire or the escalation of the blaze.
The display teaches children and adults about ATV safety and accident prevention
Facing never-before-seen amounts of fire and being targets themselves, Hamburg firefighters managed to save 18,000 people
Waiting until March could double the number of eligible African-American candidates for promotion
Incentive program for retaining volunteer firefighters includes associate's degree reimbursement
Battalion Chief Don Groves expected the simulator to provide experience that could otherwise only be gained in the field

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