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Fire Apparatus News & Articles
The engine was initially dispatched to the causeway after a silver sedan struck the exterior guardrail
Firefighters were unable to respond to a vehicle crash after they realized the battery was missing from their only fire engine
Fire officials said the Pierce proposal allows them to reap the benefits of standardization with a company that has had an excellent track record with the city
Dominic Cook, 13, died of his injuries after being transported to the hospital
The rig was protecting authorities who were clearing wreckage after an accident when the suspect drove into the rig
A fire official said the fire truck got stuck in the mud and leaned over to one side to make contact with the ambulance
Footage of the incident shows the sedan crossing an intersection and crashing head-on into the fire truck
Firefighter Benjamin Loll was on scene at a house fire when he was struck by the rig
Two men stole the official vehicle while it was idling outside of a hospital.
The practice, used to halt overtime, was suspended the day after two Wilmington firefighters were killed in a rowhouse fire.
Firefighters took a truck, an ambulance and another fire vehicle when they went out to pass out candy
The memo was reportedly sent out after the department received a number of complaints about a fire truck driving around with a Trump mask on it
Fire company officials said a man stole the ambulance that was parked in front of the fire station
Officials said the boat has been in commission since before President Theodore Roosevelt took office
The report discusses a range of department issues, such as training and outdated equipment
The department wants to purchase a combination fire and rescue vehicle, which would replace a 1991 rescue truck
The fire truck marked the second time in less than 24-hours that a vehicle outside a polling place raised concerns from community members
If you are thinking about adding a snowmobile for winter rescues, or if you have one and don't have your SOPs and training in order, here's what you need to know
The fire chief said the new additions will not only help save lives, but honor the military while doing so
In addition to the ABCDs, fire apparatus need to carry Class K extinguishers for residential and commercial response

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